Save America's Children Mission Statement

Our mission is to eradicate senseless acts of violence among our youth.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer - David Dew

World Movement of Love

Save America's Children will be rallying all the nation's citizens to join with them in participating in structuring an event to promote on-going support for addressing and working toward ending senseless acts of violence among our youth.


Why Save America's Children (S.A.C.)?

S.A.C. was created after the Columbine school shootings in 1999, its purpose is for schools to adopt this program and make it their own. We offer each school the Save America's Children Violence Detection and Prevention program which is developed to engage students who may need help and use the program as well as create a S.A.C. council in their schools whose goal is to detect and decrease school violence before it occurs. S.A.C. empowers kids and gives them a voice.

We have created Save America's Children products to raise funds to assist those who support our children in school. Our goal is to have a program in every school in America because we are convinced that the school program will help prevent violence on school campuses.


Save America's Children Youth Programs & Videos

S.A.C. Programs

Save America's Children various programs and program details in ending senseless violence among our country's youth.

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S.A.C. Videos

Save America's Children inspirational videos, each video has its own story.

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Help support our cause of eliminating senseless violence amongst America's youth, make a donation today. Save America's Children is a 501(c)(3) non profit, donations are tax deductible

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How to Get Involved?

The Movements

We currently have the Movement of Good which is the beginning point for reducing School Violence and School Bullying. This Movement of Good will evolve into the Movement of Love.

Our Goal

Through these two movements we believe Save America's Children will help change America and it's problems with unnecessary violence amongst our youth. We hope our movements / programs will spread across the globe and have a long lasting, profound effect of ridding America and the globe of the systematic problem of violence against our youth.

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