Our Story

Behind the scenes at Save America's Children, a registered Non-Profit Organization, 501(c)(3).

We Should Learn From the Children

Specializing in various youth programs that are prevention methods for school violence and school bullying.


How We Got Started

SAC was created in 1999 after the Columbine school shootings.

Our grassroots effort is to develop youth violence prevention programs that assist youth to become positive role models in society and end all the un-necessary violence amongst youth, we believe there is another way.

Positive Role Models

We are convinced that it is the loss of a positive male role model that causes at-risk youth to regress and results in their joining gangs to seek role models -- crime and violence follow.

Reaching Out

Further, we are convinced that by reaching out to assist estranged fathers (physically and/or emotionally absent), equipping them, and assisting them in reconnecting with their wayward offspring that these reconnections will have a profound effect, not only on the lives of the fathers and the children, but on society as well.

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