Movement of Love

Multi-ethnic movement that works with grass roots organizations as well as politicians and community leaders with a goal of equipping our youth.

We Should Learn From the Children

Specializing in various youth programs that are prevention methods for school violence and school bullying.


Movement of Love - A Grass Root Effort

SAC’s Movement of Love is a multi-ethnic movement that works with grass roots organizations as well as politicians and community leaders with a goal of equipping our youth and assisting incarcerated fathers who want to become a positive role model and who want to reconnect with their children.

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Movement of Love Against
Violence Summit

Save America's Children will be rallying all the nation's citizens to join with them in participating in structuring an event to promote on-going support for addressing and working toward ending senseless acts of violence among our youth.

The foundation is in the early stages of organizing; with the actual Movement of Love against violence commencing during a date to be announced soon. During this period there will be a multi-ethnic national Movement of Love whose mission is aimed at addressing and ultimately resolving the root causes associated with youth violence throughout the country.

Marches will begin in California, simultaneously in cities throughout America.

Upon reaching Washington D.C., there will be a 3 day "Movement of Love Against Violence Summit" surrounding youth violence: and how best to resolve these issues. Foundation members and other concerned citizens will reveal their programs that are going to be implemented in supporting communities around the country. Additionally during this time there will be a 3 day concert where supportive recording artists will perform the foundation's theme songs which have been created to help raise funds to implement said programs.

Following the concert will be a celebration of our diversity along with dignitaries and others who have demonstrated over time a commitment to putting an end to violence. They will be given historical Movement of Love throw pillows which are wrapped in the American flag with the foundation's logo embedded on both sides which symbolically represents that we're all part of the human family.

Note: According to the May 14 2012 issue of "Nation" magazine;about 47 million Americans - of all colors, ethnicities and backgrounds- are living at or below the poverty line. Of these, more than 20 million are living in what's called "deep poverty" with incomes that put them and their families at below 50% of the poverty line.More than 16 million children in the U.S.;22% of the country's kids live in poverty.


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