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The Good Bracelet

The Good Bracelet

Save America's Children is calling on all the nation's citizens who are committed to stopping the violence in our communities to join with us today.

Together we will spread the "Movement of Good" across America by promoting the word "good" on our bracelets and by uplifting our youth.

The "good bracelet" was created to become our calling card in addressing violence in our neighborhoods.

For far too long, we have focused on the negative act of a person, and in doing so, totally overlooked the other positive sides of the same person.  We believe that by focusing on the good in those we meet, we will bring out and perpetuate good instead of bad, calling on the person to express that good.

The "wearer" of this good bracelet commits to only focus on the good in everyone he or she meets, and lets that person know that he or she is a valuable human being.

In addition to the "Movement of Good", Save America's Children offers free programs to help prevent bullying in schools.

We believe that people create what they dwell on.  Further, we believe that the "Good Movement" has the potential of breaking the cycle of destruction among our youth and making our cities and towns a safer place for us all.

We are asking for a $2 donation that will help us raise funds for the implementation of our programs.

Donation: 2.00
***Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery with the exception of S.A.C. music or eBooks which music will be delivered in MP3 format and eBook in PDF format after purchase

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