School Violence Prevention Programs

We Should Learn From the Children

Specializing in various youth programs that are prevention methods for school violence and school bullying.


Our Program Models

Gangs Anonymous - A 12-step Program for Gang Members - Gangs Anonymous was created to prevent young people from joining gangs and help those wishing to leave do so in a safe manner. We offer it FREE for ALL. Download the Gangs Anonymous document here © Copyright 1992.

SAC - A Violence Detection and Prevention School Program - SAC is being offered to any school that is experiencing problems with bullying or other teen related issues. Most importantly students and teachers can download the SAC program © Copyright 1999 for FREE and add their ideas and make it their own. Empowering and respecting students is what SAC is all about.

Save America's Children - Movement of Good - Calling on all concerned citizens to join with us in a National Movement of Good to address and work toward resolving issues associated with school bullying and other related violence.

Save America's Children - Movement of Love - Multi-ethnic movement that works with grass roots organizations as well as politicians and community leaders with a goal of equipping our youth and assisting incarcerated fathers who want to become a positive role model and who want to reconnect with their children

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