Save America's Children inspirational videos, each video has a story,

We Should Learn From the Children

Specializing in various youth programs that are prevention methods for school violence and school bullying.


Cruz Reynoso UC Davis

Movement of Love on 9/11/16 and Appeal to President Obama

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For every act of evil there are a million acts of KINDNESS.

Let's STOP School Bullying!

Join with Save America's Children in a "Movement of Good" and together we will make our schools a safe place for our children.

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Watch "A Mother's Cry" Video - Help Us Prevent Youth Violence

We are calling on all of America's' citizens to join with us in a multi-ethnic Movement of Love against violence.

The mothers in the video have lost children to violence but they are now promoting healing and forgiveness. These mother's stories are the stories of people across America who have been victims of violent crime.

Note: More information will follow concerning date and time of the mission's plan.

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